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Rio, Manaus & Amazon

Explore the majestic Amazon rainforest and its wonders with our travel service to Rio, Manaus, and the Amazon. Our package includes everything from breathtaking nature and wildlife tours to energizing air and restful relaxation. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the Amazon and let your spirit be renewed. Our experienced guides will ensure you get the most out of your experience.


Rio de Janeiro was the capital of the Portuguese empire and of the country up until 1960. Nicknamed A Cidade Maravilhosa – “The Marvelous City” is world renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and location, nestled between steep, green mountains and crystal clear seas. Rio is one of the most important cultural and economical cities in Brazil and features some of country’s most famous attractions such as the Pão de Açúcar, the Corcovado, and Copacabana and Ipanema beach.


The term rainforest describes forests that grow in constant humid conditions.  The main characteristic of this humid, dense forest is the fact that the plants congregate in groups, which are organized in a distinctive manner within the ecosystem.  The Amazon Rainforest contains the largest area of tropical forest in the world. At first look, the Amazon forest seems to be rather uniform in physiognomy but in fact there are many typological variations and ample species diversity.

Day 1

RIO: Arrival to Rio de Janeiro – Sugar Loaf.  Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, the city of mountains and sea, samba and carnival, and a relaxed way of life. You'll be transferred  to your hotel along Copacabana Beach. You will begin your trip with a cable car ascent of Sugar Loaf Mountain, a tour of city sights, and a ride along the world-famous beaches.  Accommodation.

Day 2

RIO: Boarding the jeeps tour will proceed with our tour to visit the Tijuca Rainforest. The city is, literally, sliced down the middle by this impressive mountain range, which makes it possible to go to the beach in the morning and then enjoy the chill of the rainforest and the refreshment of natural pools and waterfalls in the afternoon. Accommodation.

Day 3

RIO, MANAUS: Check-out and transfer to the airport for your flight to Manaus. Arrival and transfer to Tropical Hotel. Accommodation.

Day 5

AMAZONThe animals wake up with the sunrise and to maximize wildlife viewing you must also wake up early to visit the trails. But if you choose to visit a local village, this morning is the time to do so. After lunch, you can rest in a hammock and take in your surroundings. In the afternoon you will be able to go hiking or canoe tour, always exploring a different region of the reserve. After dinner you can watch a video about the flooded forest, or just enjoy the sounds of the night time animals in your room.  Accommodation.

Day 7

SALVADOR: We will hike a trail by foot, or canoe a new path to discover and observe the wildlife of the area.  You will be able to mingle with the locals; experience a demonstration of how they fish with harpoon, and the handling with bait and long line too. In the afternoon you have a choice to accompany a researcher’s team and participate in their field work.  Accommodation.

Day 4

MANAUS, SALVADOR: We will start the journey to Mamirauá Reserve. The trip to the Reserve is made by speedboat and it takes about one and a half hours. On the way you can enjoy the breeze and the magic scenery, you might even be able to spot wildlife, such as pink dolphins (Inia geofences) at Tefé Lake and tucuxis (Sotalia fluviatilis) in the Solimões River during the trip until the lodge. To enjoy your first morning at the Reserve you will make a short trip by canoe.  Accommodation.

Day 6

AMAZON:  A new and different trail will be the path chosen to view the wildlife in the jungle. Our trails are designed not to be physically straining and most of them can be walked in three hours at the longest. During the flood (May-July) all trails will be done in a small paddle canoe (your guide will paddle you through the trail). This afternoon you will be taken on a motorized canoe to Mamirauá Lake, a beautiful lake inside the total preservation area of the Reserve. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 8

AMAZON, MANAUS: After the last hike of the trip, you will be taken to a local hotel – Anilce’s Hotel – to spend a day's trip around the city. Flight back to Manaus. Transfer to hotel for overnight accommodation.

Day 9

MANAUS:  Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Manaus airport.

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