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San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a stunning destination that offers a unique combination of adventure and relaxation. Here, travelers can explore the Atacama Desert, home to some of the world's most spectacular landscapes, while also enjoying the hospitality and cultural heritage of the local people. It's the perfect place to explore nature, history, and culture, and to experience a different side of South America.

Day 1

CALAMA, SAN PEDRO, MOONVALLEY: After arriving at the airport, we will be transported to the town of San Pedro de Atacama. This colorful village is located 2.440 m / 8.000 ft. above sea level in the middle of a green oasis. From here we will make our way to the Catarpe Valley located only a few kilometers north. There we will find the flowing San Pedro River giving life to lush green vegetation. A true contrast compared to the dry surrounding desert. Right around the corner also lays the Quebrado Del Diablo. This narrow canyon is located in the heart of the Sal Mountain Range and offers us a glimpse of the true desert landscape. Later that day, in the afternoon we will adventure out to the mystifying Moon Valley boasting various stone and sand formations. There at sunset, we will have the opportunity to view the beautiful fading light over the vast landscapes. Overnight in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 2

SAN PEDRO, ARCHEAOLOGICAL TOUR TOCONAO AND THE ATACAMA SALT LAKEAfter breakfast, we will explore the town of San Pedro de Atacama – the center of a Paleolithic civilization that built impressive rock fortresses on the nearby mountains encircling the green valley. From there, we will take a brief drive to reach the 3000-year-old pre-Columbian village of Tulor. The archaeological remains that can be viewed here constitute the oldest evidence of human settlement of the valley. We will then continue the morning tour to the Pukara de Quitor a fortress, which has seen many battles. In the afternoon we will visit Toconao: a village where white volcanic stone sculptures are made by locals. Afterward, we will continue on to the Atacama Salt Lake; an inland sea formed millions of years ago and an impressive sight dominated by rock formations and crystalized salt. Overnight in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 3

EL TATIO, MACHUCA: We will depart from San Pedro and head north to the famous El Tatio Geysers; a geothermal field flanked by soaring peaks. El Tatio is situated at 4.300 m / 14.108 ft. above sea level on the Altiplano. At dawn, we will observe powerful spurts of steam that shoot out from various geyser blowholes and steaming ponds that are encrusted with brilliant salt crystals reflecting the metal-blue sky. After this nice visit to El Tatio, we will drive to the village of Machuca known as the resting place for llama caravans that traveled the Inca Highway. Afterwards, we will return to San Pedro de Atacama to enjoy the afternoon at leisure. Overnight in San Pedro de Atacama.

Day 4

SAN PEDRO, CALAMA: After breakfast, a transfer will take us to the airport to board our departure flight.

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