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Buenos Aires: Pure Tango

The city of Buenos Aires, also known as "La Reina del Plata," attracts you with its history, culture, and passion that emanates from every corner. Discover its European cultural style, traditional neighborhoods, theaters, shopping centers, soccer stadiums, dining areas, nightlife, parks, and plazas. A city that will leave you astonished.

Day 1

Arrival and greeting at the international airport. Transfer to the chosen hotel. The city of Buenos Aires, also known as La Reina del Plata (The Queen of Silver), seduces with its history, culture, and passion that emanates from every corner. At night, at the time scheduled, we will visit a Dinner & Show at La Ventana. In Argentina, Tango is the typical folk music. Accommodation.

Day 3

At the scheduled time, starts a tour with an awesome combination of places, experiences, and feelings. This tour gives you the emotion of a multiple city with great contrasts. Tango is loved all over the world and this tour shows you the character of the city were Tango was born. Accommodation.

Day 5

Transfer to the airport to catch the flight of your next destination.

Day 2

During the afternoon, we start our visit at the former suburbs of old Buenos Aires, where the city met the country. We’ll then head for La Boca, a working-class port district, where the largest part of the Italian immigration, mainly from Genoa, settled in the late 19th century. There, we’ll visit its emblematic tenement houses. When we’re done walking across Corrientes Street (which, frankly speaking, is actually an Avenue), we’ll visit the Palais de Glace, an elegant ballroom where the wealthy classes started to dance the tango; precisely, they are responsible for exporting tango to Europe. Finally, we’ll visit the neighborhood of Abasto, where Gardel was born. Accommodation.

Day 4

During de morning you will be picked from the hotel to start a new expedition. We will know the costumes, culture and ways of life of “isleños” (people who live in the islands); we will have lunch enjoing a gread view of the river. Accommodation.

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