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Theaters, museums, parks, fashion and  tasteful coffee. A destination highly loved by its tourists. 

6 days 

UP  $855



Touring the city is always a pleasure, given the number of open spaces reflecting the civic life and organization of the residents, presenting a modern and welcoming capital. Thanks to the long list of theaters, parks, museums and cultural and recreational activities, there is more than enough to keep visitors busy. It is impossible not to go shopping in Medellín. The local textile industry has a well-earned reputation, and is brimming with fashionable, must-have items. There is a variety of modern shopping malls to choose from, as well as more informal shopping markets where you can pick up a bargain.

Tour Program



Arrival to El Edén International Airport of Armenia and private transfer to your hotel. The coffee growing zone is a geographic area that comprises three Colombian departments: Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, with their corresponding capital cities of Manizales, Pereira and Armenia. Although the departments have a common coffee culture, its beautiful landscapes and friendly residents make this a popular destination.  The visitors will appreciate observing the fertile valleys, with their seemingly endless coffee plantations, the traditional wooden houses, with brightly colored balconies and constructions in ‘guadua’ – bamboo, the Wax Tree Palms – Colombia’s national tree – that mark the spectacular Cocora Valley, all of which blend together to create the typical and vibrant landscape of this region. The coffee’s sole commercial activity drove the three departments to become a single region where landscapes vary in shades of green due to coffee plantations, clusters of banana trees and guadua; other bright colors can be seen in the region's flora and fauna, and it's also appreciated in the beautiful architecture of towns like Salento or Filandia.  Accommodation.


Coffee process & tasting at Hacienda San Alberto. The Hacienda San Alberto is the producer of the exclusive San Alberto coffee, the most awarded Colombian coffee; the company, located in the small town of Buenavista, is surrounded by coffee plantations that create an unforgettable landscape with a magical atmosphere. This place is a true temple for coffee lovers! You will enjoy a cup of good “welcome coffee” admiring the view, and then take a walk through the coffee plantations and the original Hacienda, during which you will be shown and explained the whole production process, from cultivation to collection and processing. The activity will end with a fantastic interactive experience of coffee tasting, in which an expert will analyze and share with you the characteristics and the main qualities of the coffee. At the end of the tour, transfer back to the hotel. Accommodation.


Full day tour to Cocora Valley & Salento. Today you will visit the Cocora Valley, famous for its breathtaking landscape characterized by the wax palms and the nice small town of Salento. Early-morning leave to Cocora Valley, located in National Park “Los Nevados." Here you can admire the “Quindian wax-palm”, Colombia’s national tree, reaching an amazing 60mts-height, and enjoy the magical stmosphere. Hummingbirds and endemic yellow-eared parrot live here. Upon arrival, head into cloud-forest; enjoy biodiversity of flora and fauna walking-along an ecological pathway through the tallest wax-palms in the world. Afterwards, we will stop at the trout farm and enjoy a traditional smoked-trout meal. In the afternoon, enjoy a city-tour through “Bolivar Square” with its colorful balconies, “calle real”, handicrafts shops and Cocora viewpoint. Spend some time soaking-up the regional atmosphere. At the end of the tour, return to hotel.  Accommodation.


After breakfast, you will travel from Armenia to Medellín (approximately 5 hours). Medellín, capital of Antioquia department, is located deep in the fertile mountainous Aburra valley in the Central Andean highlands and is known as the ‘Eterna Primavera’ – Eternal Spring city with its 20°C year-round temperature.  The city’s economic development began with the Colombian coffee boom. From thereon, the city was transformed thanks to the resourcefulness and hardworking nature of its people; the thriving cultural life in the fields of journalism, literature, urban design, and the artwork and sculptures of globally renowned artist, some of which expose their works at the (Fernando) Botero’s Museum & Square. After many years in which the city was considered to be the most dangerous of the world, mainly due to the famous “Carteles” of Pablo Escobar, Medellín nowdays represents the whole country’s social transformation with its growing industry and commerce, textile manufacturing, fashion design, export cut flowers, and projects of social integration that are a model for many other cities. The city is well worth visiting during its annual Flower Festival, held during July-August. The key events are the exhibitions of Colombian orchids, birds, flowers and, the most representative, the ‘Silleteros’ parade. During this event the “silleteros” carry floral displays that weigh up to 60 kilos each. Also, the traditional World Guinness Record ‘Cabalgata’ – Cavalcade, with over 10,000 horse-riders altogether.  Accommodation.


Half-day visit to the places that represent the social transformation that took place in Medellín. During the 80's the city was one of the most dangerous places in the world. Visit the "barrio" of Pablo Escobar, approximately 500 houses donated to the poor by the notorious capo. Visit outlying mountainous barrios drawn into the city by Metrocable cable-car that has changed the lives of many people. Tour one of city’s more notorious attractions: España Library park, which makes part of a series of 30 urban-social regeneration projects to transform urban, social and cultural landscape of Medellin. Discover “El Poblado” upper class district, recognized as key recreational zone in the city with its Rosa Zone and Golden Mile. At the end of the tour, transfer back to the hotel.  Accommodation.


After breakfast, at the scheduled time, you will be transported to José María Córdova International Airport of Medellín to your returning flight. 


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