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La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Sucre,
Potosi & Uyuni

A living history that treasures the pre-Hispanic times with all their traditions and
magical rites. Discover Bolivia!


The City of La Paz and its surroundings can transport you to a mysterious past where any corner, any street, is a hidden treasure where adventure begins; a living history that treasures the pre-Hispanic times with all their traditions and magic rites on its streets. The indigenous, colonial and modern areas, Indian Market, Witch Doctor’s Market & breathtaking panoramas are all framed by the majestic “Illimani” mountain. 


Emerging from blue sapphire waters and surrounded by the Royal Range of the Andes, the “Sacred Lake of the Incas” has been always one of the most important life sources of the Andes, impelling the development of many ancestral cultures. Meet authentic cultures living as they did thousands of years ago, close to Mother Nature, without challenging or hurting her; walk in the solitude of the islands; enjoy the hospitality of our natives and learn from their traditional life style. The Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca is a joy for everybody who explores its sacred waters and its hidden treasures.


Sucre is a living expression of colonial times. The Cathedral, churches and cloisters, the second oldest University in South America- San Francisco Xavier, as well as the University Museum offers fine examples of anthropological remains. On Sundays one can visit the Tarabuco Market, full of colour, antique weavings and traditions, admiring the traditional costumes, which preserve their identity, as well as antique weavings displayed all over.


This it the historical city of Bolivia. It is said that the Mountain “Cerro Rico”  produced so much silver during the Colony, enough to could have build a solid silver bridge from Potosi to Madrid. Silver and tin mines can be visited. Other important places are The Cathedral, the Church of San Francisco and the “Casa de la Moneda” (Royal Mint)


The otherworldly Uyuni Salt Lake in Bolivia is the largest on Earth, comprising miles and miles of dazzling white nothingness. Active volcanoes, hot springs and a palette of color-splashed lakes populated by hardy flamingos punctuate these landscapes of blindingly bright salt plains and stunning deserts…The noise of silence makes the heart beat faster and the surreal pentagons of crystalline salt will make you feel that there is no other place as this one in the whole world.

Day 1

LA PAZ: Arrival at La Paz and transfer from the airport to your hotel. Accommodation.

Day 3

HUATAJATA, COCOTONI, MOON ISLAND , SUN ISLAND, COPACABANA, LA PAZ: Land transfer to Cocotoni. Start a Hydrofoil cruise on Lake Titicaca, visiting; the Moon Island and the Sun Virgins Temple “Iñak Uyu”. Continue to Sun Island,  Climb the “Grand Inca Staircase,” board the Hydrofoil navigating to Copacabana, and visit the shrine and the Dark Indian Virgin. Continue the overland journey back to your hotel in La Paz. Accommodation.

Day 2

LA PAZ, HUATAJATA: During the afternoon, transfer to Huatajata, at the shores of Lake Titicaca. Once in Huatajata, visit the Andean Roots Eco-Village: The Altiplano Museum; Handicrafts village, the Mud Igloos, and the mortuary towers of the Urus Chipayas. Audiovisual and night experience of “The Mystic World of the Kallawayas”, natural healers of Bolivia. Accommodation.

Day 4

LA PAZ, UYUNI, SALT LAKE, INCAHUASI, COLCHANI: Transfer from your hotel to the airport to catch your flight to Uyuni, on arrival transfer in. Visit Isla Pescado, also called “Incahuasi”, an oasis with formations of algae and fossils. Accommodation.

Day 5

COLCHANI, THUNUPA VOLCANO, COLCHANI: Enjoy an excursion at the foot of Thunupa Volcano. Stroll through the village and hike to the cave of the Coquesa Mummies. After the tour, transfer back to Colchani. Accommodation.

Day 6

UYUNI, LA PAZ: Transfer from your hotel to the airport to catch your flight back to La Paz. Upon arrival, transfer in for your city tour to discover La Paz. After the tour, transfer to your hotel. Accommodation.

Day 7

LA PAZ:  Transfer to the airport to catch the flight to your next destination.

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